Add Banjo to your track for $100

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Add Banjo to your track for $100

Please contact before for special requests.

I have multiple banjos, and a home recording set up.

You can simply send me a track and I can add banjo, we can discuss styles and what you are looking for to get you the playing you want on your track!

With years of performance, and writing experience I can surely help you get exactly what you are after. We will discuss before hand, and I always find samples of the music you are looking to achieve helps.

I take pride in what I create, and my goal is to get you the best for your music.

Please send a quality track, MP3 form is okay, a performance to a click also helps greatly.

If you would like other instrumentation I can also add guitar, or record a guitar part and add banjo over top!

Banjos available (currently)

Deering Silver Clipper - 5 string
Deering Eagle II - Tenor
Vega Little Wonder - 5 String
Deering Boston Custom - tenor
Gibson TB100

Microphones (currently)

Ear Trumpet Labs (condensor)
Sontronics Halo (dynamic)
AKG CB100 (condensor)
Rhode NT1A (Condensor)
Shure SM57 (dynamic)

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Folk

sample reel

a few examples of different styles
  • sample reel

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