Shetland fiddler providing Scottish fiddle for your tracks for $60

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Shetland fiddler providing Scottish fiddle for your tracks for $60

Hi , I'm Barry, a Shetland fiddle playerbased in Glasgow. I've recorded high quality fiddle/violin for a variety of projects and am happy to talk with you to discuss how I can contribute to yours.

The instrument I use is a Joseph Hill violin, made in London in 1781 with a beautiful mellow tone, very expressive on the high notes and with a great richness on the lower strings.

I will generally record with a combo of: Rode NTR ribbon mic giving a wonderfully mellow fiddle sound, plus an Oktava MK-012 SDC to capture more crisply the high end.

I record through a Steinberg UR824 interface to a PC running Cubase 10.5, monitoring through a pair of Adam F5s and Sennheiser headphones.

I'm happy to supply one fiddle track for the price listed, and will work with you to make sure it sounds exactly how you want it, including revisions and edits until you are happy. A full refund is available if it's not working for you.

I have produced tracks and albums for the following:

The Cullivoe Fiddlers (Traditional fidle group, Shetland)
Two Thieves (5-piece Americana combo, Dundee, Scotland)
Wire and Wool (7-piece punk-bluegrass band, Dundee, Scotland)
Barry Nisbet (Solo songwriting/guitar and fiddle)

in addition to producing a variety of Scottish-based tracks for films and radio productions.

  • Folk
  • Country
  • Blues
  • Americana
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Jazz

Loch Lomond in Autumn Colours

Track recorded and produced by me in Oct 2020
  • Loch Lomond in Autumn Colours
  • Kenny Gillies/AJs
  • Hebridean Hero

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