Professional Accordion, Melodeon, Melodica and Ukulele tracks recorded for your song or soundtrack. for $100

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Professional Accordion, Melodeon, Melodica and Ukulele tracks recorded for your song or soundtrack. for $100

Ben Farmer is a full-time professional musician living in North West England, equipped with a studio suitable for any level of recording. He has played in many studios and theatres around the world, live, and on national TV and radio stations.

Ben has been featured as a solo artist on BBC Radio 2's Folk Show, and has worked as a musician and musical director in a number of theatres and arts centres across Europe, touring with bands, theatre and dance groups.

For $100 per song, I will record an instrument of your choice from the list below for a single track. I will send you high quality audio of any file type. If you're not happy with what I send you, I will revise my work until you are pleased with the product. For multiple tracks on the same project I would reduce the fee to $90 per track.

On accordion/melodeon/melodica I mostly play folk (Irish, Scottish, English, Klezmer, Eastern European, French, Scandinavian, Quebecois etc), but can also play Tango, Jazz, Musette (French Cafe), and more - I'm always looking for a new challenge.

On ukulele I can play melody, chords or a combination. I can also play clawhammer style.

I have experience playing a wide variety of other styles too, from Pop to Punk, Funk to AfroBeat,

A wide variety of effects pedals are available for filters, delays and more. Ben taught Music Technology in High School for 13 years - you'll be guaranteed a good quality recording or your money back.

Demo as follows:
00:00 - Ellin Polkka - Finland
00:32 - L'Acadienne - Quebec
01:22 - Andre de Sapato Novo - Brazil (Choro)
02:29 - Galitzyaner Tantz - Klezmer
03:18 - Freylach - Klezmer
04:46 - Petit Bal de la Marine - French Musette
05:13 - Fandango - Spain

Castagnari Mory D/G Melodeon (dry tuned);
Roland XR1B Chromatic Button Accordion (can mimic the sound of almost any style accordion);
Excelsior Piano Accordion;
Hohner pokerwork melodeon in C.

Hohner Descant Melodica;
Hohner Alto Melodica.

Logic X
Ableton LIve 10
Pro Tools 10
Studer Preamps
SE Electronics z3300a
Shure mics

  • Folk
  • Musical theatre
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Americana
  • World

Solo Demo Track

A selection of tunes - please see above for details.
  • Solo Demo Track
  • Blencathra
  • Surprisingly Dusty
  • Var Det du Eller/ Home Again

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