Sarangi & Cretan Lyra Tracks for $250

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Sarangi & Cretan Lyra Tracks for $250

I'm a sarangi player and cretan lyra player with a wide experience in blending Eastern and Western music genres and instruments. I have published 16 records, and participated in over 30 music records, and several original soundtracks.
Some of my work playing sarangi and cretan lyra tracks are included in these Albums:
- Self titled album by Kunturi, (world music)
- 'Constantinopla' - Alejo Nobili (world music)
- 'Desembarco' - Julián Polito y los Lirios del Campo (world music)
- 'Jane&Payne' - Andrés Goldstein & Daniel Tarrab (OST)
- 'Extremos: Viaje a Karukinka' - Alejo Nobili (OST)
- 'Luma' - Ramiro Abrevaya (pop/rock)
- Self titled album by Líquenes (pop/rock)
- 'Soy' - Estefania Skoufalos (new age)
- 'Transición' - The SoHo Rentals (jazz)

I'm also director of Kunturi, world music ensamble. I have worked worked with artists such as: Patricio Villarejo, Sami Abadi, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Janez Dovč & Boštjan Gombač (Slovenia), Peer Nic Gundersen (Norway), Julie & Andreas (Norway), Broken Accent (Norway), and more. I've also directed a short film documentary about cretan music which you can find on youtube.

I record with one or two AKG c214 condenser mics, or a Shure SM7b, with a Focusrite Saffire, usually in Ableton Live 10 DAW.

Feel free to ask!

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Montañas de Oro - Kunturi

Cretan Lyra
  • Montañas de Oro - Kunturi
  • Nasruddin - Alejo Nobili & Marcelo Ismail Rodriguez

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