Fabulous HARMONICA in variety of genres for $99

In Folk Instruments 100% Guarantee By Alex Paclin

Fabulous HARMONICA in variety of genres for $99

One of the top harmonica gigs on Airgigs.com, proved great quality work by delivering over 200 gigs here and on other platforms. I have a smooth tone and sharp technique, can record harmonica with a clean mellow sound or vice versa – use an amazing Fender Deluxe '55 amp with an overdriven and edgy sound. Whether you need harmonica for a movie where I can impersonate unskilled cowboy I also can play clever music.

More facts about me:
- Was invited to sit in with a band on a huge festival with around 200’000 people
- California College of Music graduate
- Youtube channel owner with a total of 2’500'000 views and counting: youtube.com/apaclin
- Complimented by harmonica celebrities such as Jason Ricci and Brendan Power

Send me your track and the guidelines on how you want the harmonica to sound including the timing for harmonica, e.g: 0:32-1:06 (you can also attach the reference track if you know what harmonica should sound similar to) and you’ll get a harmonica recorded in just 7 days or quicker.

Look forward to working with you!

Soul Flight

  • Soul Flight
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