Unique Single/Album Cover for $40

In Design In Album Artwork 100% Guarantee By Aaroh Palkar

Unique Single/Album Cover for $40

Are you looking for a unique album cover?

You've come to the right place. My name is Aaroh Palkar, I'm a graphic designer, with a speciality in making album cover artwork. I've worked with a lot of artists (from all over the world might I add) and I'm looking to expand my portfolio by working with more artists through AirgGigs.

What I can offer you?

1.) Quick turnaround with high-quality work.
2.) Outstanding communication experience - Share your vision with me to make it into a reality.
3.) Free unlimited revisions.

If you choose me, I'll craft for you a cover that won't only achieve high aesthetic goals but will also convey the themes and tone of your music.

  • Rap

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