Psychedelic Dreamscape Album Artwork for $200

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Psychedelic Dreamscape Album Artwork for $200

I am a freelance illustrator working in Leeds specializing in rich, meditative psychedelic dreamscapes. I have primarily worked with musicians and literary publications, as well as running a business selling handmade screen prints and clothing. I have a general understanding of most musical genres and their particular aesthetics (though I'm always willing to break the trends!) including hardcore, sludge/doom and death metal. You will see from my style what the image might resemble but I can gear roughly towards these genres within reason. I work on a highly interactive and communicative basis in order to build a great relationship and understanding with the client. I will send sketches back and forth and conduct my own conceptual research if the client wishes, and develop an individual and reflective response to the brief. I love the process of merging ideas with clients to create a dynamic visual asset to their project. I work in the following media, as requested: fine liner, ink, Adobe Photoshop and oil painting. Looking forward to hearing your tracks and ideas! There is nothing I enjoy more than working with bands to provide the ultimate visual acompaniment to your music.

Clients and experience:
- Official artwork for the single 'Drone' by Leeds grunge band Brooders, released February 2020.
-Ongoing official artist for Leeds psychedelic band Lady.
-Artwork exploring decomposition and animal sentiency in literary publication Female Mammal, which was recently exhibited in Perth. I also designed the logo for the publication.
-Series of digital prints in the exhibition 'Creative Artists and Where to Find Them' at Kraftwerket, Copenhagen.
-Stallholder at the Leeds Print Fair 2016 and 2018, selling handmade screen prints.

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