Original Album/Single Cover Artwork for $70

In Design In Album Artwork 100% Guarantee By William Oliveira

Original Album/Single Cover Artwork for $70

Hello! My name is William Oliveira, I'm a graphic designer focused on working with anything related to music, specially translating a song or a full project into a brand new artwork.

My work is made using Adobe graphic softwares and 3d compositing. Check a few examples above.


- I start by asking about the single/album and if there's any idea you already have for me to develop from;
- After that, I like to show you more of my previous work so you can see the possibilities of what we can achieve in the end;
- When we get to a starting idea (or not, it's up to you to decide if I can create something completely from scratch, just based on the music) I will start developing the artwork and will send it close to finishing in 48hrs maximum;
- From there we can discuss any change that needs to be done or detail that needs fixing, up to 5 revisions;
- After we agree on the version to be finished, I will make the necessary adjustments and in 24hrs maximum I will deliver the final artwork.

I look forward to work on your project!

  • Rap
  • Rock
  • Trap

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