Professional Ghost Producing electronic music, TECHNO / DEEP / HOUSE with Mastering included. for $150

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Julian

Professional Ghost Producing electronic music, TECHNO / DEEP / HOUSE with Mastering included. for $150

Hello, my name is Julian Villalba and I am the owner of Lian Productions, an electronic music producer, more than 6 years ago. Customers who trust us because we guarantee seriousness and good sound, our main customers are ours who are constantly on tour and do not have time to produce their songs.
We are ready to make a song from scratch and deliver it completely finished, as well as an EP, album, collaborations or mixing and mastering works. The genres that we work with are:

Techno (All styles, acid, melodic, Hardcore, etc.)

Referential Sound (Richie Hawtin - Dubfire - Tale of us - Amelie Lens - Paco Osuna - Adriatique - Artbat - UMEK and more)

Tech (All styles)

Referential Sound (Sharam Jey - Hot from 82 - CamelPhat and more)

House & Deep House (All styles)

Referential Sound (Chus & Ceballos - David Tort - Honey Dijon and more)

(If we do not name the genre or the referential sound that represents you, you can ask and we gladly analyze it)

They are totally original works, each of the works carried out does not contain anything that has been previously used in this way, we take care of the image, the privacy and the integrity of the artist, as well as the unique and unrepeatable ones. One of our conditions is totally prohibited.

You can order a single song, an EP, or directly an entire album. Our intention is that the client stays satisfied provided that this mode of work is very simple, we do 1-2 reviews for each song with the artist and the prices change according to the genre or the number of songs. The estimated time is variable according to the work to be done.

At this moment we are looking for new and good customers.

It is an ideal service for artists who are in concerts and do not have time to make their music.

If you are interested or have questions do not hesitate to contact us as soon as we respond.

then we leave our data and the soundcloud link so we can listen to some of our work.

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