Full Song Production from Pro Multi-Instrumentalist Producer Stefan Kelk for $595

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Stefan Kelk

Full Song Production from Pro Multi-Instrumentalist Producer Stefan Kelk for $595

I'm an award winning songwriter / producer from London, currently based in Nashville. I’ve got over 200 million streams worldwide.

Here I'm offering full production of your song, just give me the lead vocal track with accompaniment and I’ll do the rest. I will record all the instruments, add backing vocals (if needed), then I will mix and master the track.

I've worked with artists from BMG, Sony, Warner and Mercury Records and had global radio play.

All my instruments and equipment are world class!

I specialise in capturing the right sound, feel and vibe for any kind of track. I've produced:
- country records with beautiful authentic sounding live instruments
- pop tracks with layered synths
- energetic rock songs
-gospel tracks with layered vocals from fellow singers to create that gospel choir sound
-hip hop tracks, sounding fresh and modern
-full orchestral arrangements for privately commissioned work

If you would also like me to record my vocals on to your track then please look at my other services and book me via my session vocalist service.

I am also an experienced orchestral arranger and can provide realistic orchestral arrangements and sounds at a negotiable fee.

Give me a message if you want more demos or to chat.

  • Pop
  • Country
  • Gospel
  • Hip Hop
  • Musical theatre
  • Pop-Rock

One Night Only

Modern Pop Commission
  • One Night Only
  • Paint With Different Colors
  • Take Me To The River
  • Heal Me
  • Impostor
  • You And I
  • Rain
  • We Are Awake
  • Neon Lights
  • Anything, Everything

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