Worktape to Produced demo with seasoned Nashville Songwriter! for $250

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Christopher

Worktape to Produced demo with seasoned Nashville Songwriter! for $250

Money Back Guarantee! Hi, I'm Chris Armes. I am a working songwriter in Nashville with several Major Label pitches under my belt as well as major TV and Film Music credits. You may have heard my music on shows like 'True Calling' starring Eliza Dushku, Super Bowl 42, World Series 2009, and MTV's Real World San Diego. In 2012, I produced and wrote with great artists/musicians from bands like Ziggy Marley, Peter Tosh. And most recently, with songs on the Discovery Channel hit show 'Devil's Ride' !

I've been recording demos for 10+ years to happy and satisfied clients. Let me help you get the sound YOU are looking for. Send me your vocal ideas, simply recorded with your computer or your smartphone and I will provide you a full instrumental with keyboards, synths, drum programming, and real guitars and basses. Publishers/Pluggers like Songtuner have labeled my demos as having met industry audio standards. Listen to my sampler for the myriad styles/genres I can produce and arrange.

As a songwriter, I understand deeply the process of chasing sounds in your head and getting them on a recording that is equal to that sound. In addition, I have slowly developed my recording abilities over the years to make recordings that are pitch worthy as demos. My #1 priority is making sure you as a customer are happy. I love recording and I love helping people. I would do this for free if I could.

I'm happy to make minor adjustments to my initial mix (e.g." less reverb on the vocal", "more cowbell"), free of charge. Major changes ("Let's try a male instead of a female singer", "I think it might sound better as a reggae song") would naturally be subject to additional charges.

Digital Audio Workstation: Logic 9
M-Audio Digital interface
Alesis Speakers
Massive Volume of EX24 Synth Plugins
Melodyne Vocal Adjustment
CLA Vocal and Acoustic Compression Library
Gibson 1962 Re-Issue SG
Squire Telecaster
Fender Resonator/Dobro
Danelectro 12-String Electric
Martin Custom 6 string Acoustic
Epiphone 12 String Acoustic
Sigma High Strung Nashville Tuning Acoustic
Custom Nylon Strong Acoustic
Washburn Bass
Full Harmonica Set
Percussion: Tambourine and shakers

And much more!

I also provide Professional Graphics Services for Artists looking for branding and merchandising.

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