Rhythm Track with extras! for $349

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Rhythm Track with extras! for $349

Hi, my name is Charles Harnach. With over 35 years of studio experience, production credits on hundreds of tracks, and a Grammy nomination, I have the experience to deliver quality radio-ready recordings of your songs that will get you noticed!

This package is designed for someone who wants more than the basic 4 piece rhythm section I offer. You get bass, drums, guitar (acoustic or electric) and keys (acoustic or electric piano, or synth) that are included in the basic rhythm section, but with extras like: percussion and drum loops, additional guitars and keyboards.

My recording gear includes Protools, Digital Performer, Reason, Abelton Live, Kontakt Komplete, EW Symphonic Platinum, BFD drums, plus a host of other libraries and plugins.

Styles include pop, adult contemporary, country, gospel, CCM, R&B, rock, and blues.

5 Reviews

  1. Review By: lhmccann Dec 18, 2018

    Charles is so wonderfully talented and easy to work with. This is the 2nd song I have worked with him on and both songs are just as I wanted them to be. I look forward to working with him again !

  2. Review By: lhmccann Nov 19, 2018

    Thank you Charles - this was my first Airgigs experience and you have been great! You were very responsive to my changes and my questions and I love the final product!

  3. Review By: agilpin Nov 6, 2018

    Thanks so much! Turned out great, Charles. :)

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  4. Review By: JohnMHurd Oct 31, 2018

    another bang up job thank you so much

  5. Review By: terrymcmanus Oct 27, 2018

    Smoky piano and beautiful strings!
    And fast!

  6. Review By: terrymcmanus Oct 22, 2018

    As usual, Charles has impeccable taste when it comes to string parts. I am a steady "customer"! :)

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  7. Review By: judah8 Oct 19, 2018

    Another superb masterpiece of art

  8. Review By: agilpin Oct 16, 2018

    Great job on this, Charles! I appreciate the quick turnaround.

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  9. Review By: JohnMHurd Sep 30, 2018

    Just another great job by Charles i am more than happy

  10. Review By: agilpin Sep 29, 2018

    Good work, Charles! I appreciate the quick turnaround. :)

  11. Review By: agilpin Sep 24, 2018

    Turned out great! Thanks so much, Charles. :)

  12. Review By: agilpin Sep 23, 2018

    Great work, Charles! Thank you for all the help! I know it's touch finding the right vocal talent for some of these more niche projects. =D

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  13. Review By: ginorio Sep 19, 2018

    Charles - great work - the arrangement is great - it has the depth and demeanor of a truly heartful song.

  14. Review By: agilpin Sep 17, 2018

    Thanks Charles! Everything turned out great!

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  15. Review By: JohnMHurd Sep 9, 2018

    i am so thrilled with the work Charles has done for me i cant express my gratitude i hope to do much more work in the future

  16. Review By: terrymcmanus Aug 31, 2018

    Sometimes it seems as if Charles knows the nature of my songs better than I do! Another wonderful arrangement that took the song to a better place! Thanks Charles!

  17. Review By: agilpin Jun 23, 2018

    Absolutely love it! Thanks for the great work, Charles!

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  18. Review By: agilpin Jun 22, 2018

    Wonderful work, Charles! Thanks for everything. :)

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  19. Review By: agilpin Jun 11, 2018

    Great job, Charles! I think it came out great. Pleasure working with you on this. :)

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  20. Review By: agilpin Jun 4, 2018

    Thanks for the quick turnaround, Charles!

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  21. Review By: agilpin May 29, 2018

    Excellent job, Charles! As always, pleasure working with you.

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  22. Review By: agilpin May 19, 2018

    Wonderful job on everything, Charles! Thanks so much!

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  23. Review By: agilpin Apr 27, 2018

    Great job again, Charles!

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  24. Review By: agilpin Apr 17, 2018

    Turned out great! Thank you so much for helping make this awesome piece. :)

  25. Review By: agilpin Apr 11, 2018

    Charles, you did such an amazing job on this project! Everything turned out better than I could have hoped. Thank you so much !

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  26. Review By: terrymcmanus Mar 9, 2018

    A proper arrangement is an integral part of any song and Charles has the gift of adding just the right music to make the song come alive!

  27. Review By: terrymcmanus Feb 16, 2018

    Working with Charles is such a pleasure. He is extremely patient and very intuitive once you give him some reference artist or song wise..... he nails it every time. His delivery is fast and easy to access.

    This is my 3rd project with him and there will be many more!

  28. Review By: judah8 Oct 26, 2017

    another masterpiece!

  29. Review By: terrymcmanus Oct 13, 2017

    Working with Charles has, once again, been a real pleasure. He was intuitive, professional and prompt with a production that was perfect for my song. I will be returning often to use his services!

  30. Review By: terrymcmanus Sep 3, 2017

    Fast , intuitive and very cooperative! I will be back!

  31. Review By: BentleyK Sep 3, 2017

    Charles continues to deliver professional tracks that support my songs perfectly! Bentley Kalaway

  32. Review By: BentleyK Aug 28, 2017

    I've come to expect excellent production from Charles and I am delighted with the results. I have used his services for seven tracks so far, for an upcoming CD. Charles is truly a professional with years of experience and his skill and sensitivity to the artist is evident.
    Bentley Kalaway

  33. Review By: BentleyK May 26, 2017

    Charles took the production of this song to a place that was perfect for the character of the song. I continue to be impressed and inspired by his talent. Very happy with his services and will continue to have him produce songs for me.
    Bentley Kalaway

  34. Review By: BentleyK May 26, 2017

    Charles continues to deliver top quality production, going beyond my expectations and creating outcomes that are delightful! Bentley Kalaway

  35. Review By: BentleyK Apr 19, 2017

    Charles has once again exceeded my expectations and delivered an amazing production of one of my original songs. He seems to have a tremendous ability to pay attention to both the musical details and the emotion of the song, which creates an extremely good result!

  36. Review By: AronM Mar 19, 2017

    Great Work on this piece!

  37. Review By: BentleyK Mar 17, 2017

    Aloha! This is the third track I've ordered from Charles and he continues to exceed my expectations! He has the wonderful ability to really get both the emotion and the musical arrangement that each song requires. Charles is a true professional and I'm beyond happy with the results!
    Bentley Kalaway

  38. Review By: timwebbnz Feb 14, 2017

    Charles does classy work. Order from him. You won't be disappointed. Thanks again Charles. You rock ...

  39. Review By: timwebbnz Jan 19, 2017

    This was my first experience using Charles, and I am 100% stoked.
    I have scoured the internet looking for someone who produces quality work, and I have found him.
    He understood the brief perfectly, and crafted a track that blew me away. Honestly.
    And the turnaround time was exceptional.
    Buy with confidence from Charles. This man is super talented at what he does.
    I will be back again, and again, and again ...
    Thanks again Charles.

  40. Review By: judah8 Jan 3, 2017

    another job HOT of the oven perfectly baked

  41. Review By: BentleyK Nov 23, 2016

    I absolutely love the track Charles produced for my original song. His choices for the arrangement, instruments and mood stayed true to what I had pictured in my sonic mind, and actually exceeded my expectations. I would happily use his services again and highly recommend him. I am resending this to include the five stars.

  42. Review By: GarlandBaker Nov 6, 2016

    Charles, you did a really superb job on this song. Guitar, vocals and mix are outstanding. Thanks again.

  43. Review By: GarlandBaker Nov 4, 2016

    Very nice vocal work. Thanks again.

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  44. Review By: GarlandBaker Oct 29, 2016

    What a wonderful and outstanding production! Amazing guitar, strings and vocal. Charles is so easy to work with and a very impressive skill level for arranging and producing.

    Charles, thank you so much for your exceptional effort on all my songs.

  45. Review By: GarlandBaker Oct 22, 2016

    Again, a very nice arrangement and vocals on this song. Great work.

  46. Review By: GarlandBaker Oct 20, 2016

    Yet another full production song by a truly gifted music production manager. Love what you did with this song.

  47. Review By: GarlandBaker Oct 12, 2016

    Added a female vocal to a duet song. Great voice and an excellent choice by Charles.

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  48. Review By: GarlandBaker Oct 12, 2016

    I am not sure I can find the words to describe the incredible sounds in this song production. Charles, you have definitely given life to this song way beyond my expectations.

    And, if you are looking for a producer/arranger then look no further.

  49. Review By: GarlandBaker Oct 7, 2016

    This is my second full production song completed and a very excellent job. Charles knows just the right voices and instruments for a song.

  50. Review By: GarlandBaker Oct 2, 2016

    Charles did a wonderful job on my song. His arrangement, music and production skills are are awesome. He will definitely be my choice on many other songs I have planned. By the way, great communication skills too.

  51. Review By: judah8 Aug 5, 2016

    Mozart in disguise

  52. Review By: judah8 Jul 26, 2016

    Another track beyond expectation

  53. Review By: judah8 Jun 20, 2016

    A job amazingly done once again.

  54. Review By: judah8 Jun 1, 2016

    Spectacular work again.

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  55. Review By: judah8 May 28, 2016


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  56. Review By: judah8 May 22, 2016

    This guy is fast and good.

  57. Review By: judah8 May 21, 2016


  58. Review By: judah8 May 19, 2016

    Very Talented and fast. Before you can breathe in and out he's done and with style, class and taste.

  59. Review By: hide Mar 10, 2016

    he is a very good, sound amazing~

  60. Review By: joeworshiper Jan 30, 2016

    Wow what an excellent job!!! Charles is incredible producer. His arrangements are impeccable. He's very professional and certainly understands his trade. He's very patient and will listen to understand your concerns. He gave his all on my project, and that's why I'm hooked. Great job!!!

  61. Review By: GeorgeVinson Nov 5, 2015

    Wow. I booked Charles to add some keyboard textures to a new song demo. I was vague about direction, so I just said "do what you feel is right" knowing that I could make a revision. No revision needed! Charles added really cool parts and lifted the production of my song to the next level! Great!!

  62. Review By: GeorgeVinson Oct 9, 2015

    Charles, thanks for the incredible job on the sequenced track. My client loves it and asked who 'was in the band.' The parts and sounds were spot on and I honestly couldn't tell this was a programmed track (and I've been a session player and producer for decades!). You have my business! GV

    - This review was for a custom proposal