electronic music production - full song for $377

In Song Production By Qi Ming

electronic music production - full song for $377

*downtempo *electronica *world music *sound design

I am eager to break the rigors of musical expression, and forge an immersive, communal sound through the combination of world music elements, organic earthy sounds, intricate pop arrangements, and electronic textures.

Qi Ming is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has cultivated her unique musical identity while growing up in China and later living in Sao Paulo and New York. Collaborating closely with musicians from diverse backgrounds hailing from Brazil, China, Cuba, and Japan, she has crafted three captivating albums that organically bring together indie pop, alternative rock, and a multicultural celebration of world music.

The debut album The Happiness of the Sisyphus achieved 2 Millions+ streams on NetEase Cloud Music(the largest Chinese streaming media) and awarded Silver album and Silver single, got on NetEase Billboards for 3 times.

After studying electronic production at Berklee College of Music, Qi Ming has become a versatile and collaborative cross-genre producer. Fueled by a passion for immersive and communal music, she expertly merges world music, organic sounds, intricate pop arrangements, and electronic textures. Qi Ming consistently pushes boundaries by combining her unique sound with the artistic visions of fellow musicians, infusing her evolving sound with elements of electronica.

  • Dubstep
  • Electronic
  • EDM
  • Ambient
  • House
  • Pop

pop production

  • pop production
  • house production
  • ambient music production
  • hyper pop production
  • glitchy electronic production
  • sound design
  • indie rock production
  • instrumental rock production

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