Full Song Production for $900

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By simonkang

Full Song Production for $900

Whether you are an independent artist or from a label, if you are here, it probably means you need to hand over your baby (lyrics, top line, rough mix) to someone else to finish it. It’s a pretty scary moment since you’ve put a lot of effort and care on it. I guess…

1. You need someone you can trust and that’s not simply trying to sell you a service. Great Communication, Clear Workflow, and Trackable Pricing are essential to give you peace of mind regarding what's being done, and the quality of the deliverables;

2. You need someone who knows their craft with proven productions and portfolio.

3. You need someone who listens and understand your vision.

I’ve been producing music since 2002 (21 years), and my goal is to see your project thriving, but the best way for you to know my work is by listening to my past productions.

Please, take the time to check my portfolio, and what my clients are saying about my work. Don't hesitate to send me a message, even if you are not planning to hire me. I would love to check your project and guide you through the necessary steps for a successful production.

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Compilation 2023

A Compilation of some music produced by me.
  • Compilation 2023
  • Pop
  • Reggaeton
  • Cyber Punk Rock
  • Cinematic Pop

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