I will record an UNIQUE metal song for you drums and guitars for $15

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I will record an UNIQUE metal song for you drums and guitars for $15


First of all, let me introduce myself:

I am Professional in Musical Theory and musician for a lifetime. I've performed multiple instruments, both professionally and for hobby, including piano, guitar, bass and oboe, and I've worked extensively in musical production.

Now, I want to help you with your songwriting process.

I will do it on Logic Pro X, using the best software available and all my knowledge.

What will I exactly do for you?

I will give you an UNIQUE, recorded exclusively for you, metal-sounding track consisting of guitars and drums.

It is, of course, royalty-free, so you can use it however you want to. You can later add lyrics to it, or more instruments, knowing your guitars and drums are professionally crafted.

Song will last between 2 and 4 minutes, which is pretty standard.

Please note that I can't work with your previously composed music, or very specific ideas aside from very general guidelines from you, because it would be a lot of extra work and this is a very inexpensive gig. I will, however, give you the best metal songs I can write with the above specifications. The final song will be delivered in MP3 format.

This is an example of a purchaser I've already worked for, and this is exactly what you will get from this gig (well, you will get your UNIQUE song, of course):


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