Pro Acoustic Guitar / Male Vocal Song Demo Perfect for Pitching for $299

In Song Production By David Latto

Pro Acoustic Guitar / Male Vocal Song Demo Perfect for Pitching for $299

If you're looking for a great acoustic/male vocal country, americana, folk or singer songwriter demo you're in the right place.

I produce song demos from my dedicated studio space in Edinburgh UK and I've worked with songwriters from across the globe, providing them with demos that are perfect for pitching to artists and publishers.

As a songwriter myself I've had numerous indie cuts and even had a song recorded by Grammy winning artist Tanya Tucker on the strength of a demo I made in my spare room.

I'm an able and versatile vocalist and guitar player. I love coming up with engaging arrangements using voice, guitar and percussion. I understand the important of the lyric in these genres and I mix and master the song with that in mind.

I have a range of gear, perfect for demos productions including a beautiful Gibson J45 acoustic, Warm Audio WA47 mic, Audient ID22 interface, Focusrite ISA1 pres and a WA-2A hardware valve compressor. I record onto Pro Tools. My room is fully treated for a professional sound.

I'm happy to chat with you about direction for your song and who you might be looking to pitch to. This conversation can be really helpful in determining an approach on production.

This production includes, vocal, acoustic guitars and percussion, mix, master and delivery in MP3 and WAV format.

I offer 2 rounds of mix adjustments and minor edits and charge an hourly rate for re-recording of parts.

All I need to get started is a copy of the lyric and a rough recording of the song.

“I coach songwriters all over the world and many are focusing on pitching for Nashville. So many things can go wrong trying to capture the right kind of demo for country. A client of mine played me one of her new demos before pitching it for the country market. I asked where in Nashville it was done. She told me it was this awesome guy in... Edinburgh! I had to find out more and after talking with David I started sending lots of my clients to him for their demos . They have all a word ...awesome !”
— Mark Cawley (Hit US Songwriter and Musician -Nashville, TN)

  • Country
  • Americana
  • Folk
  • Singer-Songwriter

He Didn't Do (Tim Clarrey)

Acoustic/Vocal Demo
  • He Didn't Do (Tim Clarrey)
  • Going Home (Matt Stemme)

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