Full Song Production for $500

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Full Song Production for $500

Hi! Thanks so much for checking in!

My name is Jonny Therrien, I am a producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, TN. I have been playing guitar for 17 years in a variety of different settings ranging from church bands and cover bands, to college ensembles, recording artists, and touring bands (credits include Gabby Barrett, Madison Kozak, Anna Vaus, and David Dennis).

I have learned a lot along the way about what makes a song great, and I am here to help you realize your vision for your songs.

My specialties lie in the more organic sides of pop music; Americana, country, and bluegrass are what I play most of the time. But I have also spent a great deal of time working in the ccm and pop music worlds.

The biggest assets I carry into every song, recording, and performance are:
-Extreme attention to detail
-High level of musicianship
-Clever, thought-out arrangements
-Discerning ear for tones, textures, melodies, and harmonies
-Years of experience of bringing songs to life

As far as the technicals go, I am offering full-service production. From arranging and tracking to editing and mixing, I can help your song realize its potential. Although I am primarily a guitarist, I also play pedal steel, dobro, and mandolin, which are flavors I love to add in a track. Outside of these instruments, I have a sizable network of professional musicians that can track any missing element, be it keys, bass, drums, violin, etc. AirGigs has asked for a specific number of revisions that I am willing to include, but I personally don't settle on tracks. I will work with you until you are happy with the final product.

My studio gear highlights include Martin guitars, Fender guitars, Milkman, Arturia hardware and software, Srymon, Line6, Peterson, Browne Amplification, JBL, Warm Audio, Slate Digital, SoundToys, and MSA.

Thanks for reading, and if you have some music that you want to record and prep for release, I would love to talk with you about how we can make it happen!

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  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Ambient

Whiskey History

This is a demo I made for a client back in September. I produced, played all the instruments, and programmed the drums.
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