Pro Pop Production for $1500

In Song Production By Kelby Dover

Pro Pop Production for $1500

You need your song recorded, so why not hire a top-rated professional?

Hi, I'm Kelby. I'm a producer known for edgy production on all fronts of the pop spectrum. I am also the frontman of pop band Kid Politics. Here on Airgigs to work alongside you on your project and songs, my knowledge of studio production, passion for quality vocals and musical hooks are sure to bring the vision for your songs to reality.

The process is simple.
You send me your lyrics, a reference of the melody, and a reference of how the song sounds (if you have it) and I send you a high quality +mixed recording of your song. We can have your vocals on the song or we can hire either myself or another vocalist separately. I'm here to help with the entire process.

You will receive a release-ready song with my mix.

I typically work with Logic Pro, UAD Hardware and software and too many plugins and sounds to count.

$1500 + 20 PRODUCER POINTS* - Release-ready production and mix.
$800 - Demo that is not quite release-ready, but demonstrates the potential of a song.

*Depending on your project, I likely require producer points on your song.

Upon delivering the recording, I will gladly make up to 10 revisions. However, any changes to your original lyric or melody should not be considered revisions to my work and I will charge an extra revision fee.

Please contact me prior to ordering to discuss your project, timeline and my availability as well as ensure pricing and royalty splits are correct for your needs.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your project, please contact me.

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