Music Production for $100

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Buzo Danfillo

Music Production for $100

I will professionally produce your Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop &/or Afrobeat song to your requirement.

I mainly use FL Studio & Propellerheads Reason to produce music. After production, I will mix the beat to accommodate for a good mix and mastering afterwards, or I can export it based on client's requirement.

Job is executed to client's taste, preference and direction, I can also input my creativity as per client's wish. In the case of client not fully satisfied with how the project turns up, I will revise the job for up to five (5) times until desired results are achieved, I am patient and pay attention to details.

Client may point to a reference project as a guide to what he/she is expecting, and I'll make sure I execute it diligently and timely.

For a very low rate of $40, I will give you professional music production, and if by any chance you don't like what I offer you, there is a money back guarantee attached to my deal, so it's all win-win for you.

Just hit me up let's add value to the music ecosystem. Cheers!

  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Trap

Baqin Da

A body of Hip-Hop beat with a pop soul
  • Baqin Da
  • Hello Hello
  • Twilight
  • Super
  • Dreamin'

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