Pop Song Production with Mixing & Mastering for $199

In Song Production By Harry Price

Pop Song Production with Mixing & Mastering for $199

Send me a message so I can make you a custom offer!

You have an idea but you need a talented producer to turn it into a fresh clean modern pop song that would sit perfectly on an official Spotify playlist? Let me take your idea and turn it into just that! I will make a custom instrumental for you (if you have vocals recorded I will mix those too).

My name is Harry Price. I've been producing, mixing and mastering music for nearly 10 years! I make sure your song has that 'pop through the speakers' feel.

On top of Song production, your song will receive:
- Leveling
- EQ
- Compression
- Widening
- Saturation
- Many more techniques that ultimately ensure an amazing sounding mix and master.

Contact me and we can discuss your project!

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