Full song production any genre + Mix and Master for $400

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Jake Debono

Full song production any genre + Mix and Master for $400

Top Rated Studio Pro! 18 years songwriting experience. I will create a full instrumental to your liking, any genre! I will then mix and master your vocals in as well as the full song. I can provide a vocal guide as well. Rock, Pop, EDM, RnB. Any instrument can be added! Work-for-hire, I have written songs for artists worldwide. I will not stop working on the song until you are fully satisfied. I can construct a full original song or take an instrumental you have created and add to it. I can also record a cover song for you if needed! Message me to discuss!

I have been a songwriter for the last 18 years, my track 'Investigators' received favourable reviews, collaborated with Dan Konopka (OK Go) and is currently on 45,000+ Spotify plays with a review from Triple J's Gemma Pike.
Spotify plays for my solo project 'Jake George' combined has surpassed 80,000+ plays, with interviews and features on independent music label websites, as well as community radio play across Australia, US and UK. Debut album ‘Clear View’ released October 10, 2020 received a 9/10 score by Broken 8 Records, one of their favourite releases of the year

I own a 2006 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass, a Fender Classic 60s Series Stratocaster, Yamaha DTX452K Drums, Shure SM7B Microphone and a Maton 808 Acoustic Guitar. I can add synthesizers using Novation Launchkey and Launchpad, allows me to dive into different songwriting styles. I can add piano, strings, horn sections, trap beats, drum samples, anything you need!

Software and Gear :

Logic Pro
Abbey Road Studio Plugins
Analog dbx 166xs Compressor/Limiter/Gate
Yamaha MG10XU Mixer
JBL 104-BT 60W Studio Monitors
Abbey Road Studio Mastering Chain
Kramer Master Tape

Melodyne, Antares vocal tuning
Waves plugins - Compressors, EQ, H-Delay, H-Reverb

Software from Native Instruments, Kontakt, Reverbmachine

Macbook Pro connected to Hisense 32 inch HD TV which allows me to run two screens for writing, mixing and editing
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-Mixing and mastering (all 5 star reviews)
-Add any instrument to your song

  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Electronic
  • Funk

Frame of Mind

Pop/Indie Rock
  • Frame of Mind
  • Like A Wildfire
  • Golden Cage, No Escape
  • Eyes of Death
  • No Expression
  • Mystery
  • Investigators
  • A Good Day Will Come Around
  • Red Rainbow
  • In The Rain
  • Water
  • Time Wasters
  • Love Be Madness
  • Clear View
  • Bad At Love (Halsey cover) - Brittany Cosenza
  • The Big Experiment (Instrumental Version)
  • Everything You've Wished For
  • Gift - Andrew Brown

12 Reviews