Short Form Song Production Podcast Theme, Ad Music, Etc. for $250

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Short Form Song Production Podcast Theme, Ad Music, Etc. for $250


Hi! I'm Emily and I'm a professional singer songwriter specializing in hooky, emotional melodies and harmonies. I perform a blend of pop and folk, but I sing and write in a variety of genres, including electronic, dance, country, and blues.

I’ve spent 10+ years writing and performing my own music and working on other people's projects out of a home studio in northern Virginia. I have a great ear for stacking parts and a flexible voice that can match the style of your genre/project as needed. I love working on a wide variety of projects and helping clients get the most out of their music. Contact me now and tell me about your project!


I offer two free revisions with every project; each revision after that is $25. Revisions that involve re-singing the full song will cost an additional fee that you and I discuss due to the extra time involved. I want you to be thrilled with your results and will work with you flexibly to make sure your project meets your expectations AND your budget!

Please contact me before using my name or image in any format.

Deals: 50% songwriting royalty for topline, to be contractually agreed upon before beginning work; vocals are royalty-free and uncredited unless discussed beforehand.


I will write/build/record a short form song (45 seconds or less), perfect for your podcast, advertisement, YouTube video, or other media content.

Contact me with the nature of your project, and the stylistic ideas you already have for the music you need. If you don’t have a lot of ideas yet, don’t worry - I love getting creative and finding the perfect sound for your project! Since this process is from the ground up, we’ll stay in close contact the whole time to make sure you’re getting what you want.

I’ll send you 2-3 rough drafts to give you options, and after you’ve picked the draft that fits your project best and given me your thoughts, I’ll finish the track and send you the polished final version!

  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Folk
  • Electronic
  • Singer-Songwriter

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