Virtual Recording Engineer to Guide Great Recording Sessions (3 hour slots minimum) for $150

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Virtual Recording Engineer to Guide Great Recording Sessions (3 hour slots minimum) for $150

Hi, I’m Robbie Dwyer and I am a recording and mixing engineer of 17 years and I am proud to offer The Virtual Recording Engineer service.

This unique offering is providing you with more than just a recording engineer, but a producer and somebody to deal with the technical distractions that come with recording such as: Recording levels, Track setups, Editing, Headphone mixes & Performance.

In additional to all of this, I can be the person who you can bounced ideas and discuss ideas with to help you realise the potential of your music.

What is The Virtual Recording Engineer?

It is a service designed to bring the recording studio experience into your home environment where you feel most comfortable. The advantage of this means that you are paying for the recording time and expertise, and not the overhead costs of running a studio; meaning you will have much greater value for money.

The only things you need to supply are
- An idea for a song
- A microphone
- A pair of headphones
- A computer with camera*
- A good internet connection
- A midi keyboard (if you wish to record piano parts)
*camera is not critical but is useful for visual connection. There are apps and software that can turn smartphones into webcams.

Through using Cubase and their VST Connect software, I am able to provide you with the Performer application (free of charge) that will enable to record with me over the Internet.

Who is this Service aimed at?

The service is mainly aimed at singer-songwriters or solo/duo artists ranging from folk, pop and EDM. However, if bands are looking to record themselves and need someone to man the levels, providing they have the interface and microphones, then I can be their engineer too (maximum of 12 channels simultaneously for drums).

What happens next?

Regardless of the time you purchase (3-hour recording session is a minimum).
The first step will be to arrange with you a pre-production meeting with over Zoom to discuss what it is you are after as an end result. In addition to this, we will use this time to set-up and get all of the VST Connection software linked and sort out any other troubleshooting issues.

Once completed, we will then book your recording session at another time as it is not always ideal to record after having to spend time troubleshooting. I want you to be in the best headspace ready to record your music.

Should you need more than 3 hours, then each hourly rate will be calculated at an additional rate of $40/hr.

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