I will create the perfect latin music track for $180

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Joaquin

I will create the perfect latin music track for $180

I'll compose, arrange, record, mix and master a latin track (cumbia, salsa, samba, son cubano & more) with the top high quality, following your needs for your commercial request.
I will send you the audio steams, and you'll be able to ask me 3 revisions, but let me try to satisfy you at the first listening!

I play many instruments like saxophone, piano, clarinet, guitars, drums, percussions and others.

I'm an expert musician working in the music industry from 2005. I've created many musical products for documentaries, spots, and independent artists. I'm composer and pianist in SuRealistas, a latin band active active in Europe.

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Santa Rosa

Cumbia Colombiana
  • Santa Rosa
  • Cintura de Orión
  • Efecto dominó

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