Song-in-a-day or two for $360

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By James Hawkins

Song-in-a-day or two for $360

This offer is to all songwriters who need a producer to bring their music to life. I will arrange and produce one song over a couple of days. (3 days maximum) That works out to be one day of arranging and tracking, then a day or two for editing and final mixing.
Recent credits and collaborations include, Paul Carrack, Rob Davis, Polly Paulusma, The Military Wives Choir, The Missing People Choir, John Rutter, ESPN, T'Pau, The Rockabellas, The Lounge Kittens, Florence Glen, Nick Patrick, Pete Schwier and George Shilling.

My specialist area is in creating beautiful, interesting, sensitive and appropriate arrangements for songwriters. Send me your top line, a reference point, we'll speak about your ideas and thoughts, and then I'll start working up an arrangement. I'm a multi-instrumentalist and will be able to track live drums/Bass/Piano/Keys and programming plus any lead or background vocals. We can always add budget to catch guitars.

I work from my own studio facility in London, UK where I arrange, record and mix your music.

Equipment (main): Neve 1073 preamps, D.A.V. Electronics preamps, UA preamps, great range of analogue outboard for compression + EQ plus 32 channels of analogue summing, ProTools Ultimate HDX, Avid i/o, C24 control desk, ATC SCM25a monitors, Ollo headphones (open back).
Microphones: Nuemann u87ai, Nuemann 103, Lauten Clarion, MG300, R1 Ribbons x4, D112, SM57s, SM58s, Aston Spirit.
Instruments: Acoustic Yamaha B1 Upright (silent piano), Mapex Drum Kit, Fender Precision Bass guitar, Oxygen8 mini control keyboard.
Libraries: Spitfire (lots), Omnisphere, Kontakt 5, Abbey Road drums, Abbey Road pianos, Yamaha CFX Piano, Addictive Drums, Trigger, Addictive Keys, EZ Drummer, Battery 4, an array of ethnic, bells and whistles, bings bangs and bongs, etc..a great selection of synths..

Live strings/choirs/background singers/acoustic and electric guitars/or percussionists will cost extra. (to be discussed prior to work commencing)

  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Americana

Polly Paulusma (selection)

Selection of mixes for recent album by Polly Paulusma
  • Polly Paulusma (selection)
  • Before and after of
  • Florence Glen EP

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