Full Song Production for $1375

In Song Production By Tyler Wirtz

Full Song Production for $1375

UAD Apollo Twin Interface
Pro Tools 2019
JBL 305 Studio Monitors - Sonarworks Reference 4
Headphones - Sennheiser 280 Pro, V-Moda Crossfade M-100
Virtual Instruments - Kontakt, Output, Serum, Sylenth, Omnisphere, etc.
Mixing Plugins - Slate Digital, Antares, UAD, Sound Toys, Waves, Fabfilter etc.

Includes a Pre-production call to discuss the overall direction of the track, mood, sound ideas, etc.

This includes a full length tailored instrumental production.
As little or as many tracks as needed for the style, we're going for.
5 sets of production revisions.

Includes Full Mix and Master once vocals have been finalized.
3 rounds of mix revisions.

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