Full Demo Production, Arranging, Mixing for $500

In Song Production By Gregory Tan

Full Demo Production, Arranging, Mixing for $500

You've heard my music on HBO, MTV, in commercials and even in video games on Steam, if you're an avid gamer like myself.

My name is Gregory, and I am a composer, arranger, producer and mix engineer. I am now looking to work with artists to bring their sonic vision into reality. You can expect high quality music with modern production techniques out of me, but you will also find that I am a great listener and will do my best to understand your goals and needs. I am honest and care about you, the artist, more than how this benefits me.

My requirements are simple - you would need to record your vocals elsewhere and send them over. I will provide the instrumentation, editing, arrangement, mixing all while being in constant communication with you, walking with you every step of the way to ensure that you are satisfied with the product.

The Cross We Carry

Slowburn Trailer Music
  • The Cross We Carry
  • Lift Your Eyes
  • Bend The Rules

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