All-Inclusive Song Production - everything you need between the song idea and a market-ready product. for $995

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All-Inclusive Song Production - everything you need between the song idea and a market-ready product. for $995

Let's talk! Every artist has different needs and I'd love to discuss the scope of your project and see how I can help.
Custom proposals are available.

This package is an All-Inclusive song production. We start with your demo or idea and then I'll craft it into a market-ready professionally produced product.

EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED*: pre-production, arrangement, tracking, all instrumentation & studio musicians, editing & correction, mixing, and mastering.

I started out as a signed recording artist and so I realize what a big deal it is to hand over your "baby" to a stranger. I don't take that trust for granted and strive with each of my projects to bring out the best and most authentic version of YOU within your art. I won't stop until you're THRILLED with the result.

Producing is my career not a hobby and I've been doing it professionally for 20+ years. I specialize in rock, alternative, AAA, and singer-songwriter but enjoy exploring just about any genre.

*note: if you are singing or adding any of your own parts and can't be in my studio or don't have the ability to record yourself, you may have to hire a local studio for a vocal session (not included in my price). I'm happy to help you through recording yourself or find a decent studio close to you.

I usually play a majority of the instruments on songs I produce - I've played drums, bass, guitar, and keys professionally in several genres - but I also have a great network of pro studio musicians to fill in any gaps or make up for any of my short-comings.

This package includes standard instruments. Each instrument may be multi-tracked and include more than one part. Additional instruments and niche instruments are available for additional costs.

Standard production assumes you are providing the lead vocals. Pro male and female session vocalists are available for an additional charge. Subject to vocalist availability.


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