I help recording artists, businesses and brands capture the best and most authentic version of their story through excellence in music and audio production. I specialize in a one-stop shop production style working with the client from beginning to end to provide whatever they need to sound their best.

Since 2009, I've done a large part of my work remotely - enabling me to essentially bring production to the client. This has made location a non-factor and allowed me to work with clients all over the world. I've learned and honed the skills necessary to make the process smooth and efficient. And the option to do at least part of the work remotely has been a game-changer even for local clients.

I started out in the business as a signed recording artist. This has given me a unique, both-sides-of-the-glass perspective on how to treat artists. I'm constantly mindful that an artist is handing me their "baby" and I don't take that trust lightly. My goal is to empower each artist to make unabashedly great art and have fun doing it.

I also help out non-musical/corporate clients creating custom music, music for film, commercials, audio books, podcasts, and audio archiving/restoration.

I love what I do and am always looking for new opportunities to help people be heard and sound great. I'd love to help you!


Producer, recording & mixing engineer, drummer on Jason Mapes' "The Devil Plays Guitar" album featuring rock legends Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy/Whitesnake), Bruce Kulick (KISS), Bill Leverty (FireHouse), Brian Vollmer (Helix), Jeff Neill (Streetheart), and Stacy Mitchhart.

Written and directed by Ali Ashraf featuring Nehaal Naseem on vocals. Music and mixing by Jonah Brockman. 600,000+ views on YouTube.

BUSINESS BEYOND USUAL (University Of Michigan - Ross School of Business Podcast) Wins Two Awards From The Academy of Interactive and Visual Art. Jonah Brockman - audio recording and editing.


"Jonah Brockman offers the complete package when working on your musical project. He's an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (piano/guitar/drums/vocalist, etc) and knows how they all need to work together, yet stand out. He has an immaculate ear for music and can help you craft your art to exactly what you are hearing in your head, heart and soul. He is experienced from beginning to end of the musical journey. He was the perfect person to help me bring my artisti