LA-Based producer: Full Instrumental Production for $350

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LA-Based producer: Full Instrumental Production for $350

Hey I'm Erik. Music is my passion. I love everything there is about music. So much so that I wanted to work in the industry. I graduated from Point Black Music School and I've been producing for about 5+ years now. I've recently been working out of Fever Recording and Fresh Goods Music. I'm also currently working with a contestant from La Voz.

Music Production
I just enjoy the whole process. From conceptualizing, beatmaking, recording instruments and vocals, and everything else in between. I find every part to be as fun and creative as the next part. I believe creating music with a goal and/or vibe in mind definitely helps maximize the record's full potential.

Pretty much, I just like making dope records. If you think we can work well together, let me know! I'm always open to meeting and working with new talents.

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