Full Song Production And Mix for $320 for $320

In Song Production By Savoygrange

Full Song Production And Mix for $320 for $320

I'll be working with Ableton & Pro Tools to take your vision to entirely new horizons.
I write, arrange, record and produce all the elements in house in my home studio. All with stellar and professional recording gear recording world class instruments.

Pro Tools 11
Ableton 10
Ludwig Classic Maple w/ Supraphonic Snare
Paiste & Zildjian Cybmals
Gibson SG
Fender Tele
Fender Jazz Bass
Range of Professional Preamps
Range of Professional Mics
Juno Synths
Vst Plugins
Waves Horizon Plugin Bundle

- Simply let me know about your song and how you want it to sound. Send any mix stems or demos you already have recorded, or let me produce the recording from scratch
- 2 free revisions to the mix (revisions thereafter are $25 per major revision requests)
- Quoted price includes producing and recording survives as well as a professional mix and master
- You will receive a Master WAV (24 bit, 44.1khz) of the production, an Mp3 version and an instrumental version
- The mix stems will be provided upon request should you wish to get the song(s) professionally mastered
- Turnaround time is usually two weeks but if you have an urgent deadline let me know and I'll see what I can do!

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