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Song Pre-Production; General Production for $150

In Song Production By AdamLochemes

Song Pre-Production; General Production for $150

I am a seasoned producer and engineer, who drums for Arlie. I have worked with artists such as Arlie and Bedon at my home studio and have spent time recording in Atlantic Records Studios in New York, Ardent Studios in Memphis, and Blackbird Studios in Nashville. I do everything from Rock and Jazz, to EDM and hiphop.

I have:
-2 Universal Audio Apollo 8,
-Tascam 388 8-channel Tape Machine
-Ampex ATR800
-Nord Electro 4D
-1978 Rhodes Mk1 electric Piano
-Juno 60
-Pittsburgh Modular Foundations 3.1+ Synthesizer
-Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano
-Teenage Engineering OP-1
-Danelectro 12-String
-Fender Cabronita
-1957 Silvertone Parlor Acoustic
-Hofner 500/1 Bass
-Thunderbird Bass
-1953 Hammond C3 Organ with 122 Leslie Rotary Cabinet
-1970s Wurlitzer Organ
-An assortment of contemporary and vintage microphones such as vintage Neumanns, Miktek CV3s, SM57s, you name it...

I work in Pro Tools, Ableton, and Logic, so whatever you need I am able to do!

My Time's Limited (by Me)

  • My Time's Limited (by Me)
  • Lazy Eyes (by Bedon)
  • Untitled (by Bedon)
  • She Running Away (by Tommy Leahy)

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