Full Instrumental Production for $299

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Full Instrumental Production for $299

Let me take your songs from demo to finished record!

Hi! I'm Jophes. I am a multi talented 20 year old producer, engineer, and multi instrumentalist. My influences include The Killers, Owl City, The Beach Boys, Kraftwerk and many more.
I got my start in DAW only production and have gradually expanded outward incorporating different types of hardware into my workflow, including: Analog Synthesizers (Minimoog, Eurorack Modular, Korg Polysix), vintage Guitars & Amplifiers (Fender mustang, Silvertone Twin Twelves/iso-cab), Analog Summing (SSL X Desk), and even some occasional DIY Equipment (guitar pedals, authentic carnhill transformer coloration for the X Desk).
If I had to judge my own abilities, I would say that my stand out talents are my ear for melody and sound selection.
I have trained at Crê•8 Music Academy (Taught by grammy nominated instructor/engineer Doug Fenske, Affiliated with Westlake Studios), so I know what it takes to get a song from start to finish, and I am ready to employ that knowledge with your music.

Jophes Demo Reel

Away- Jes Hudak (Producer, Mix Engineer), Locked Away- Deflect (Synth Production), Love and Mercy- Lynz (Co Producer), Only You- Jophes (Vocalist, Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering), Eggshells- Kristina Johnsen (Producer, Guitarist)
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