Professional Demo Production for $275

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Professional Demo Production for $275

Professionalism, creativity, and fun. That's what every musician wants from their recording experience, and that's exactly what you'll get with Mayfield and King. We have over 25 years combined experience as producers, singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and touring musicians in the music industry. We use both Pro Tools and Logic Pro X, along with loads of top-notch, industry-standard gear and instruments to help you find, hone, and perfect your sound. If you need a full list of gear we're glad to share it.

How it works:
You send us the lyrics and a basic music file (a voice memo of the melody works fine), along with any instructions or sonic references, and we deliver a fully produced, mixed and mastered recording of your song.

Revisions and Changes:
Once you get the final, we can make 2 more revisions if you choose. Beyond that, there will be a small fee applied for any changes. Also, those two initial "revisions" don't include structural, lyrical, or melodic changes to the song. Basically, we just need you to tell us "how the song goes" at the beginning of the process. If we have to make major changes to that after the production is done, a small fee will be required.

We believe clear communication and great attitudes are key to you having a great experience. We want this process to be stress-free and enjoyable for you, and we work hard to make that happen. Every step of the way, we'll do our best to communicate and establish clear expectations so there are no surprises (other than your surprise at how great your song sounds!).


Quirky love song
  • i.t.
  • Go Tell It On the Mountain
  • Cowboy Whistle
  • Unplugged
  • We Lift You High

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