Music Production for $100

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Music Production for $100

This service is the perfect one for who needs a full music production (lyrics are not included). Below you can find all the details to understand if I am the right person for you.


Hip Hop, Trap and Pop productions are the ones more suitable for the type of background I have. 90% of the songs I produce are of this kind.
Anyway, I have been also involved in other genres of music productions and I can still be whom you are looking for.


I work both with real instruments and virtual instruments. I have a rich catalog of professional VSTs I constantly use in the productions that I control via keyboards, drum pads, and sequencers. I also collaborate with many great musicians (guitarists, drummers, bassists, pianists, saxophonists etc.) and I have access to professional studios where I can record them. This opens many possibilities of creation and - terms of sound and arrangement - I can reach a wide range of results and goals.


In order to reach the best result and to make you happy of it, I ask at least two reference tracks which I can use to understand better what is needed and how I can proceed. I also need the details regarding the structure (verse, chorus, bridge etc.)

I usually start with the main draft (drums, melody, harmonies etc.) which I show you and that I can start to enrich and modify to match perfectly your taste and need. I offer a number of 4 full revisions of the production, in this way you can be happy with every detail.


I worked with many artists as Sciabola, The Line Punch, Serni, Arnese, Rambla, Piqued Jacks, Nyama etc. producing tracks which were released with labels, performed at big events and sometimes also played on the radio.

Draghi di metallo

Produced, played, recorded and mixed
  • Draghi di metallo
  • Di notte
  • La mia stanza
  • La regina
  • Prima di uscire
  • Dunn river
  • Gringo

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