Electronic / Hip-Hop / EDM / R&B Song Production for $500

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Electronic / Hip-Hop / EDM / R&B Song Production for $500

Hey Everybody!

My name is Della and I'm a composer, musical producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist performer from Argentina.
I performed at several shows and tours around South America and Europe for crowds that summed up to 15.000 people. I worked in numerous discographic productions with artists from all around the globe, some of them recognized and nominated to major awards like "Best Electronic Music Record" at Premios Gardel in Argentina.
Also, I exhibited music pieces in galleries and museums in Buenos Aires, NYC, Madrid, Perth, Milan, La Habana, and Cusco.
Since 2018 I reside in Barcelona, where I'm currently releasing electronic music with #1 labels like Anjunadeep and upcoming Indie Dance labels like Quixotical Records and Logia Records.

I'm constantly looking for new grounds. May your project be a gateway to an unforgettable artistic exchange.

There's always a path to summon the idea you have in your head.

Get in touch and let's find it!

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Extranjero - Antic & Della

Guitar, Production, Mix
  • Extranjero - Antic & Della
  • B G - Colapsa
  • Chinosynth - La Gran Ciudad (Della Remix)

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