Vocal/Guitar/Songwriting Custom Song Music,Topline,Lyrics for $300

In Song Production By Rory Sullivan

Vocal/Guitar/Songwriting Custom Song Music,Topline,Lyrics for $300

Have an idea for a song that you’d like to make a professional demo for or as a gift? I’ll write melody, lyrics, and music around your idea and record vocals, and guitar so you’re ready to submit your demo professionally or give to the person you love.

Hi, I'm Rory. I'm an indie/folk singer/songwriter with 12 years writing/guitar/singing performance and recording experience. I'm the grand prize winner of the Cd Baby and Sara Evans songwriting competitions as well as a finalist in many others including the Independent Music Awards and International Songwriting contest.

I write for many clients on Airgigs (under my vocal service) and through the LA songwriting scene. I specialize in Pop/Country/Rock/Folk genres.

I have an ear for catchy topline hooks as well as simple lyrics that draw in the listener to make them feel something poignant and real.

I take pride in my writing sessions and garuantee that you'll leave with the product you were looking for. Whether you're searching for someone who can write, sing, and play guitar around your original idea to pitch for a brief, or just a demo to give to someone you care about, I'm your guy.

I have my own designed home studio. My mics include a Gauge m85, Sure SM-86, and Beta 87. My DAW is Logic Pro X and I use a Focusrite Forte interface. I can provide a client with either professional high-quality raw vocal and guitar tracks or a basic eq/reverb mix (FYI, I am not a professional mixer).

Thank you!

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