Full song production 30 discount for $399

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Full song production 30 discount for $399

LeeMusic Website: https://www.leemusic.ro/
Collaborating with our studio will give you full access to music production services, from the first note to the ready for release material.
Our role is to listen, identify and then, taking into account the artist's personality and vocal qualities, the voice tone, the approached musical genres, to propose the most appropriate interpretation of the songs so that a recognizable personal style can be shaped and the final material a success.
We can produce most genres, so make sure you are very specific about what you want. You should provide reference tracks along with whatever specifications and wishes. We can also provide live instruments should you need anything - violins, guitars, saxophone, piano, etc.
So far, we've produced Pop songs, Rap, Trap, Film Soundtracks, Reggae/Reggae-Pop, Blues, Rock, Metal, Traditional Romanian Music, Singer-songwriter-type songs, Jazz and maybe other style that don't come to mind right now and we've also produced a few cover songs for local artists' YouTube channels.
We are really nice people and always open to new ideas and different projects, but you'll figure that out once you get in touch. :)

Our service includes: mixing & mastering, lyrics, instrumental composition, live instruments (if needed), top line and vocal guide.

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Trap
  • House
  • Rap
  • Rap


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