Pro demo service- including lead vocal-Record quality for $149

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By John Burnham

Pro demo service- including lead vocal-Record quality for $149

I can create your song in pop, rock, alternative, country genre with drums, bass, guitars, piano/keyboards, pedal steel vst and lead/backing vocals. I am a professional working musician of 35 years with hundreds of songs created in studio from a basic sung melody and/or scratch music track. Depending on needs for the song, instruments asked for and track availability on your end, you will receive, 2-8 drum tracks, 1-2 bass, 2-4 guitar, 2-6 keyboards and 2-6 lead/background vocal parts. I will also send a stereo master of the mix to industry standard volume. I have acoustic and electric drums with Superior Drummer 3, acoustic and electric guitars, 12 string guitar, standard and fretless basses, MOTIF Yamaha and multiple softsynths, percussion and top quality studio mics. You choose what instrumentation I use on the demo. You are guaranteed radio/streaming quality pro finished song. Tracks will be sent individually for your own mix if your interested and also a stereo mix. Basic mastering included.
I have offered the Airgigs guarantee, your money back if you are not satisfied.
I normally charge between $200-$300 prior to Airgigs but for a limited time I am offering my service for $149. All I ask is a good rating if you're happy with the outcome!
Lets get started on your next hit!
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