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Did you finished a metal album and you are missing some modern textures, orchestral arrangements, strings, hammond, choirs, keyboard solos and more arrangements....?

Maybe I can fill the songs and bring them to life.

Price for 10 songs.

My credits:
- Rise To Fall -
- Vhäldemar -äldemar/5164
- Lost In Thought -
- Melodius Deite -

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Melodius Deite
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  1. Review By: Kelkyko May 1, 2019

    Diego is awesome on the keyboards as always! He really brought some extraordinary sound that my track was missing. Look forward to working with him again on the next one! - Kelly

  2. Review By: mare Feb 25, 2019

    Diego was excellent and i sent the lyrics and he made made it sound beautiful to what lyrics were the piano made me feel the song. he was fast and i was given drafts that to see if i like it.

  3. Review By: gazzabrown Feb 22, 2019

    Diego was quick to respond to the request, and delivered a very professional product. Understanding that this was the foundation track to be used with live musicians in a Nashville session he provided me with a a few strict tempo versions that will assist the musicians that will play on it as well as variable tempo I can use in other situations.
    Thank you and I will be back!

  4. Review By: skylai88 Jan 30, 2019

    Diego is the best talented artist, I'm so lucky that I found him he just spend one night and finished the arrangement for me , I'm using this song for my performance this weekend. I will have him to keep helping me on my other songs.

  5. Review By: jsachs99 Nov 27, 2018

    Diego was terrific; gave me a lovely keyboard track and a tiny revision that made it ever better. Great guy, great musician.

  6. Review By: sporter2693 Nov 10, 2018

    Diego really hit the mark. This was my first project with him and I look forward to working with him again on another project.


  7. Review By: Jmoore Oct 29, 2018

    Great Job Diego !!!
    Thanks !!!

    Jim Moore

  8. Review By: Jmoore Sep 26, 2018

    Great Job Diego !!!
    Thanks !!!

    Jim Moore

  9. Review By: BeyondDriven Sep 23, 2018

    After using Diego a second time after he completed excellent work in the first instance, he exceeded expectations again and truly elevated the song beyond what I expected.
    He composed excellent parts that complimented the song perfectly after a brief outline of what I needed, and delivered it quickly including a fast response to minor revisions.
    Diego will be my first choice for any future keys work and I look forward to working with him again!

  10. Review By: ratishsekhar Sep 10, 2018

    I can say with full confidence that I will be returning to Diego! He always go above and beyond what's expected of the service and the quality as always was exceptional. If you're reading this review, you can absolutely trust Diego with full confidence.

  11. Review By: qrewus Aug 6, 2018

    Always a pleasure working with Diego! Amazing experience

    5 stars

  12. Review By: nsinghpro Jun 25, 2018

    Onw of the most talented musicians I worked with, prompt and efficient. Thank you Diego. Will definitely be working with you soon.

  13. Review By: BeyondDriven Jun 21, 2018

    Diego is a true professional and pleasure to work with. He took my song and elevated it with the many interesting ideas and parts he provided. He was very quick in making suggested changes and very open to trying/adding new parts. Highly recommended and I'm looking forward to working with him again in the near future.

  14. Review By: scobriggs May 29, 2018

    An amazing keyboardist with an amazing talent and the ear for quality!

  15. Review By: Kelkyko May 17, 2018

    Diego is absolutely one of the best musicians and nicest people to work with. On my latest project, he worked tirelessly to achieve the result I was looking for. He is extremely responsive and will do what is needed to get the sound you're looking for. He is simply one of the best keyboard players here and I look forward to working with him on future projects! - Kelly

  16. Review By: DazzyB May 1, 2018

    Great working with Diego, enthusiastic and a good communicator.

  17. Review By: alona Apr 30, 2018

    Diego and I have worked for a year together and he never lets me down!
    If your looking for real talent on airgiggs I highly recommend Diego.


  18. Review By: gina Apr 24, 2018

    I just wrote a review but had a glitch so IDK if it went through so here we go.. Diego gave me just what I wanted again and his promptness & quality hasn’t changed. Till next time!!

  19. Review By: warpbd Apr 5, 2018

    It was an amazing experience working with Diego. He delivered exactly what I wanted in very quick time. I am very happy to have worked with him, looking forward to working with him soon.

  20. Review By: gina Feb 11, 2018

    Diego is so prompt and very easy to work with; I highly recommend his services, plus you will love his talent. He is on my mind for my next project already! Thanks again Diego!

  21. Review By: 708rusli Dec 9, 2017

    Thank you Diego for your help and special extra effort!

  22. Review By: alona Nov 24, 2017

    I worked with many on airgiggs and DIego is the best.
    I love working with him. He is crazy talented!!!!

  23. Review By: norprice Oct 30, 2017

    Diego is an amazing artist, He can transform your vision with his creative ways.

  24. Review By: alona Sep 14, 2017

    I love working with Diego, His a factory of creativity, a musical genius!
    did 5 songs with him and counting!

  25. Review By: alona Sep 5, 2017

    I am starting to worry if I keep on praising Diego he will not have time for me:)
    That said he's amazing I would not know what to do without Diego and his magical piano!
    Love the talent and Love Diego!
    Will hire again and again!!!!!!!

  26. Review By: alona Aug 28, 2017

    I don't have words to praise this man, He is a talent!
    I am have done 3 songs with him as far and I just hired him for all of my 18 songs!
    that's how great Diego is!

  27. Review By: alona Aug 22, 2017

    Diego and I have calibrated on few songs and now 2 more are in the works!
    here's how good he is. DEIGO IS AMAZING!
    don't even bother with anyone else I tried a few others and he's simply the best!
    I love you Diego!!!!! 100 stars!!!!!!

  28. Review By: alona Aug 9, 2017

    Diego, Diego, Diego! I have tried others on airgigs and his simply the best!
    Love his talent, Love his skill, Love his originality, Love his creativity! I cant say enough good things about Diego!
    Second time I am working with him and will continue to work with him on all my songs. That's how much I love Diego!
    His got that thing that makes my lyrics come to life thru his musical compositions!
    I am lucky to have fond him and so happy to be working with him!
    Highly recommend him! 10 S

  29. Review By: ratishsekhar Jul 3, 2017

    I am so lucky I found Diego. Incredible talent. Can't say enough good things about this man. Thanks for the beautiful composition!

  30. Review By: Kelkyko Jun 28, 2017

    Diego is an absolute fantastic keyboardist and musician. This is my third project with humans he is a pleasure to work with. He is super easy to work with, communicates well and will work to make your next project sound awesome. I'd highly recommend him and look forward to our next project together! - Kelly

  31. Review By: Kelkyko Jun 1, 2017

    This was my second project with Diego and as with the first, he did a fantastic job. He's is a great musician and really understands what you are trying to do with the track. He has excellent communication and is very fast and efficient. I look forward to the next one! - Kelly

  32. Review By: Kelkyko May 10, 2017

    Diego is an absolutely fantastic musician and keyboardist. He is really easy to work with, very energetic and enthisiastic and has a great feel for music. He will work to make your project sound great as a just an all around great guy. I'd look forward to working with him again in the future. - Kelly

  33. Review By: WolfW Apr 26, 2017

    Diego is super talented, conjuring up the perfect parts to elevate the project.
    He's an excellent communicator and a genuine joy to work with. Highly recommended.

  34. Review By: qrewus Mar 26, 2017

    Second time i got help from Diego!

    Truly professional!! Alot of plus for all the help and extra effort!

    Thank you!!!

  35. Review By: qrewus Mar 26, 2017

    The most amazing music talent!

    So helpful and Always Quick to answer. This Guy is the Real deal!

    Thanks for now and looking forward to work with you in the future!

  36. Review By: ratishsekhar Mar 5, 2017

    This is the 5th or 6th time I have used Deigos services. He is excellent, very fast with great communication and patience. A++ Do not hesitate. One of the best.

  37. Review By: shaaanz Feb 9, 2017

    Great work again my friend Diego! Your music is magical!

  38. Review By: typo Feb 8, 2017

    Great patience, incredible turnaround time, extremely high quality product, beautiful arrangement. 10 stars out of 5 for Diego. Thank you!

  39. Review By: shaaanz Oct 24, 2016

    Once again great work from Diego!He never fails to impress!

  40. Review By: ratishsekhar Sep 30, 2016

    Diego is the best... versatile musician with a ton of experience and talent...
    You're the best macha...

  41. Review By: shaaanz Sep 22, 2016

    Super Job again Diego!!Every time I am surprised with ideas and the feel you bring to the songs!! Great Talent!!look forward to working with you soon again.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  42. Review By: shaaanz Sep 22, 2016

    Diego is a gem of a person to work with, I have now worked with him several times and absolutely can not flaw his talent. Great musician! Look forward to working with you soon again. Cheers!!

  43. Review By: ratishsekhar Aug 26, 2016

    Diego's talent is undeniable. The things he does with keys and organs is incredible. An excellent ear for drum arrangement and altogether an unbelievable style of play. Take this gig once and you will question everything that you've done before this.
    More than anything, a very gentle and nice personality to interact with...

  44. Review By: ratishsekhar Aug 22, 2016

    Diego is a master musician. His expertise over piano, violin and drums is impeccable.
    Looking forward to working with you again Diego. :-)

  45. Review By: shaaanz Jul 27, 2016

    Diego is an absolutely great musician to work with, very encouraging and friendly through out the process. He is a true professional and very quick. He comes with years of experience! He showed a lot of passion to my project and definitely look forward to work with him on my future projects. Goof luck!