Professional Vocal Tuning - Max 10 tracks for $40

In Audio Editing 100% Guarantee By lukasfredriksson

Professional Vocal Tuning - Max 10 tracks for $40

Send me individual vocal tracks and I will pitch correct them for you giving you back corrected vocal tracks that are in the same sample rate and bit depth as I got them in.

I work in Pro Tools 11 and mainly with Melodyne which gives you an amazingly transparent and authentic sounding pitch correction.

Price is per song. A song may include up to 10 vocal tracks. 5 revisions are included.

Money Back Guarantee!

27 Reviews

  1. Review By: wciprod Apr 18, 2019

    sorry I was 2 late to answer back, but the service was great. good job!

  2. Review By: lawyer Apr 7, 2019

    Thank you, Lukas , well done!

  3. Review By: Florence Feb 26, 2019

    Thank you Lukas! Wonderful, fast and beautiful work again!

  4. Review By: Florence Feb 20, 2019

    Lukas is WONDERFUL! Thank you again!

  5. Review By: kingcommoner Dec 12, 2018

    My second time hiring Lukas- lighting speed turnaround and terrific work!

  6. Review By: mattrh1979 Dec 11, 2018

    I brought Lukas a very rough vocal scratch and he made it sound great! He was very quick and did an awesome job! I would highly recommend this service.

  7. Review By: MPeters Nov 6, 2018

    Perfect again! Highly recommended - such a pro!!

  8. Review By: MPeters Nov 3, 2018

    Another FIVE star review, amazing work!!

  9. Review By: MPeters Oct 28, 2018


  10. Review By: MPeters Oct 26, 2018

    Amazing, amazing, amazing!!

  11. Review By: MPeters Oct 24, 2018

    TOP NOTCH!!!

  12. Review By: RAFAEL Oct 4, 2018

    Excellent Work!! thank you

  13. Review By: kingcommoner Aug 29, 2018

    Lukas was terrific, had him tune a whole album and he was quick and kept a light touch. No complaints, he's great.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  14. Review By: Florence Aug 19, 2018

    Lukas, Thank you so much! Amazing work again!! We will be in touch for the next song!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  15. Review By: kingcommoner Aug 18, 2018

    Lukas is amazing, he is fast with a light touch - hire this man!

  16. Review By: Florence Aug 14, 2018

    was amazing! He was really fast too!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  17. Review By: JoeBlaise Apr 21, 2018

    great job!!! thank you

  18. Review By: MPeters Mar 15, 2018

    As always a top professional work from Lukas, PERFECT!!

  19. Review By: MPeters Mar 13, 2018

    Perfectly natural sounding editing - GREAT work (again)

  20. Review By: MPeters Mar 12, 2018

    Top notch performance again!! GREAT work as always!

  21. Review By: MPeters Mar 8, 2018


  22. Review By: MPeters Jan 16, 2018

    Perfect job - just perfect!!

  23. Review By: MPeters Jan 15, 2018

    Top pro work every time - quick turnaround too!!

  24. Review By: MPeters Jan 7, 2018

    Another AMAZING job by Lukas, he is my secret weapon, sounds great and natural as usual!

  25. Review By: MPeters Jan 4, 2018

    Lukas did another fantastic job on my tracks - great communication and a top pro!!!

  26. Review By: MPeters Dec 8, 2017

    Another great batch of vocals from Lukas, great work and always great communication.

  27. Review By: MPeters Apr 12, 2017

    Another amazing editing work on my vocals, just perfect!!

  28. Review By: MPeters Apr 8, 2017

    Once again, great work and very quick delivery - highly recommended service!

  29. Review By: MPeters Apr 7, 2017

    Great work, communication and quick delivery. Perfect!!