Professional Audio Editing and Mastering for $25

In Audio Editing 100% Guarantee By Blane Nicholas

Professional Audio Editing and Mastering for $25

I will edit any type of audio file including mastering and cleaning up any miscues. This includes me taking out all awkward pauses, 'ums', 'ahs', 'you know', and anything else that is a 'filler' word or sound. I will take out any parts of your podcast that you don't want left in as well.

I will work with any questions or concerns and will always do re-edits if necessary. I 100% guarantee my work to be top notch.

I work for NBC radio and edit all of their audio which gives me lots of credibility.

For $25 I will do up to a 30 minute show. For every additional 30 minutes, it is only an extra $10.

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