Drum Editing on a Budget for $20

In Audio Editing By Jess Davy

Drum Editing on a Budget for $20

With over 10 years of experience in drum editing, I'm here to fix the timing issues with your drum recordings. I can tighten up your drum performance as much or as little as you'd like. Some prefer to go with 100% "on the grid", while others may want a lighter touch to maintain more of the original performance.

I will edit your drums in Pro Tools using Beat Detective and manual editing.
Send all your drum tracks of the best take (all tracks starting at 00:00:00) and in the original format they were recorded in. Include the BPM info (Tempo Map) and send a reference/guide track, like a guitar, bass, keys, etc. if you have one.

When editing is finished, I'll send you an mp3 so you can check the work. There are 3 revisions included in this service.

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