Noise reduction, audio cleanup, background sound removal for $20

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Noise reduction, audio cleanup, background sound removal for $20

***IMPORTANT NOTE: The quality of the fixed/repaired audio depends upon the quality of the original audio that is being worked on. For this reason, please contact me with the audio file(s) attached before placing an order so that I can provide a free sample and a custom quote if needed.***

Whether you have annoying background buzz, fuzz, hiss, wind, breathing, thumping, bumping, or just a frequency in general that needs reduced/removed, I will clean it up for you.

The $15 price includes:
- Reduced/removed background noise, hiss, clicks, pops, hums, cracks, bangs, shuffles, echoes, etc.
- Volume leveling throughout
- Adding EQ and compression to improve overall quality and balance
- A light mastering to top it off for even more balance and enhancement so that your track is 100% ready for mixing
- Up to 5 minutes of audio per track
- Multiple revisions (if needed)
- Delivery in whatever file format you specify (wav, mp3, aiff, aac, etc.), as well as whatever specific rate and/or bit depth you prefer.

Please feel free to check out some before/after samples of my work in the audio section.
Thank you!

3 voices, 1 guitar

Clip 1=b/g beep removal; Clip 2=voice isolation; Clip 3=b/g buzz and guitar noise; Clip 4=b/g noise removal, voice restoration
  • 3 voices, 1 guitar

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