Noise reduction, audio cleanup, background sound removal for $50

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Noise reduction, audio cleanup, background sound removal for $50

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contact me before placing an order. Unfortunately, some audio files cannot be fixed or restored if the quality is too poor. ***

I specialize in noise reduction/removal, audio editing, and audio restoration/enhancement. Whether you have annoying background noise, buzz, fuzz, hiss, wind, breaths, thumps, bumps, 'plosives, clicks, pops, or just a frequency in general that needs reduced/removed from your video/audio recording(s), I can help. However, what I cannot help with is secret 'eavesdropping' recordings of your neighbor, spouse, babysitter, boss, co-worker, arch-nemesis, evil twin, or any other recording that has potential legal ramifications, so please do NOT send these types of files.

The price includes (as required):
- Up to 5 minutes of audio per track
- Reduced/removed background noise, hiss, clicks, pops, hums, cracks, bangs, shuffles, echoes, etc.
- Volume leveling throughout
- Adding EQ and compression to improve overall quality and balance
- A light mastering to top it off for even more balance and enhancement so that your track is 100% ready for mixing
- 3 revisions (if needed)
- Delivery in whatever file format you specify (wav, mp3, aiff, aac, etc.), as well as whatever specific rate and/or bit depth you prefer.

I can also provide custom quotes as needed based on the length and difficulty involved - both for single and multiple files/tracks. Please feel free to check out some before/after samples of my work in the audio section.
Thank you!

  • Ambient
  • Hard Rock
  • Heavy Metal
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Punk
  • Pop-Rock

1 voice, 2 songs

Clips 1+2=noise/hiss removal, enhancement; Clip 3=pop /noise removal, enhancement
  • 1 voice, 2 songs
  • 3 voices, 1 guitar

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