Professional Audio Editing - Full Track for $65

In Audio Editing 100% Guarantee By Jamie Holmes

Professional Audio Editing - Full Track for $65

Hi my name is Jamie from Glasgow, Scotland. I am a professional audio engineer/producer working out of 7 West Studios in the heart of Glasgow's city Centre, one of Scotlands most popular and successful recording studios. I provide audio editing services to a professional standard.
Pro Tools is my choice of DAW and I am proficient in all aspects of the software.
In regards to editing specifically, these can be done using Beat Detective, Elastic Audio or manual slip editing. The process is completely up to you.

Clients have three choices on how they wish their tracks to be edited:
1. All instruments edited 100% to the grid.
2. Drums edited 100% to the grid with the rest to a specific percentage, maintaining the general feel of the track.
3. Drums not edited but all other instruments edited to the drummers natural groove.

You should provide all audio files consolidated to the start of your session, a BPM and give any time changes within the session in bars/beats, a clean DI file for all bass and guitars and a reference track to assist when editing.

Previous clients include: BabyStrange, Rascalton, The Dunts, Heavy Rapids, Declan Welsh and the Decadent West, Crystal, Voodoos, Fabric Bear and many more. All artists can be found on Spotify and Youtube.
Visit for further information and images of the studio!

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