Professional Audio Editing for $350

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Professional Audio Editing for $350

Whether you're looking for custom vocals, mixing, or song writing this is your one stop shop. I have been in the music industry for over 15 years from running live sound to performing live, and producing music at a professional level. I could list all the bands I've toured with, all the people Ive recorded with but at the end of the day I let my work speak for itself.. All samples were recorded, mixed (sometimes performed) and produced by me for professional use in a very specific industry..

Have professional ITB and Outboard gear and Mic Chest.

Custom vocals Range $250-$700: I have a team of professional vocalists that are highlighted in my remix/production reel..

Custom Tracks: Instrumentals also $250-$700 depending on the complexity

Vocal Production:
$250-$600 professionally edited vocals (timing/pitch/production)
(you provide the stems)

$350- professionally recorded raw custom tracked vocals that are cleaned up and time aligned for you
includes 1-2 Lead Tracks up to 3 Harmony Tracks
$50 per additional track

For a fully produced vocal session (tuning, Time editing. mixing and production)
$500 and up depending on the track count..
(final price varies depending on needs, frequency) Lets chat..
(add an additional $250 if you need custom vocals)

Fully Mixed and Produced Song $500-$1000
*Everything included (no custom tracks included)
*Every Track edited and professionally mixed
*Final Mix included along with individual stems if requested

Song Writing: Depending on the project $250-$1000

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