Professional New Zealand/Kiwi Voiceover for $150

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Professional New Zealand/Kiwi Voiceover for $150

Professional voice over and character voice artist - Native born New Zealander/Kiwi.

This job includes a standard voiceover for up to 2 minutes for commercial usage with 1 revision - edited, mixed and mastered as requested for professional usage. Please get in touch to discuss anything more specific!

Fully treated and soundproofed recording studio.
Software: Logic Pro X with full suite of audio plug-ins.
Pre-amps: Focusrite Clarett 8pre
Mics: Rode NT2 / NT1 / NT4

Uber - radio adverts (NZ)
Ola - radio & TV adverts (NZ)
Coke - 2 x TVC series (Vietnam & SE Asia)
Soul Machines - digital avatar voices (USA / NZ)
Vector Electricity - interactive 3D avatar (USA / NZ)
American Express - radio adverts x 4 (NZ)
M c D o n a l d ?s - T V C s e r i e s ( U A E )
Greenpeace NZ - voice of Greenpeace NZ (Ongoing)
Yellow ® - online web series (NZ)
Paymark Insights - radio & TVC series (NZ)
Trips & Tramps - online (NZ)
Globe Theatre London - promos (UK)
Hardy's Healthfoods - Jingle (NZ & Australia)
Alexandra Park - Jingle (NZ)
Paul Milne Roofing - Jingle (NZ)
Seeka App - web promo (NZ)
Nabers - web promos (NZ)

Walls Cornetto - TVC series (SE Asia)
Jungle Book - Game (Thailand / USA)
Orton The Whale - theme song and ongoing voices - Kids TV series (NHK Japan)
Cuddly Fabric Softener - TVC (Australia)
Jack Of All Trades - 8 part Animation series (NZ)
Chartered Standard Bank - character voices TVC series (Singapore)
Asahi art exhibition Silo Park - (NZ)
InsureMe - TVC series (NZ)
Reliance Insurance - TVC series (India)
Paddlepops - TVC series (Worldwide)

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