Online Guitar Lessons for $30

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Online Guitar Lessons for $30

Take your playing out of a rut and into the next level with high quality guitar tuition online in the comfort of your own home!

Cameron has been teaching students of all levels and styles for as long as he has been a professional musician, helping many boost themselves from knowing a few chords and licks to thoroughly understanding the mechanics of their instrument. Contact Cameron today to join his roster of students from all over the globe, from places such as USA, UK, China and Australia! Popular lesson topics include:

-IMPROVISING: make your own guitar solo up on the spot over a blues or any other style of music that you enjoy!

-EAR TRAINING: learn the chords of a song by ear, or learn a guitar solo accurately by ear!

-THEORY: modes, how chords in a song are related, understanding scale degrees

-LEARN YOUR FAVOURITE POPULAR SONGS: request what songs you want to learn which you may not be able to find reliable resources for online. Cameron will write up your own customised TAB/Sheet music which is accurate and take you through how to play during your lesson

-GUITAR TONE: learn how to best dial in your amp and effects to create a guitar tone just like on your favourite songs!

-MUSIC PRODUCTION: learn how to record your guitar into your computer to make backing tracks and songs!


$60 for 60 minutes

$45 for 45minutes

$30 for 30minutes

Discounted rates are available to those who pay upfront per month on a lesson plan.

All lessons take place online via Zoom video call.

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • R&B
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Soul

Hard Rock

Original Track
  • Hard Rock
  • Funk
  • Acoustic / Folk

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