Vocal Coach for $50

In Lessons By Briana Lyn

Vocal Coach for $50

$50-30 min. $70-45 min $90-60 min.
What results will you see:
• Develop the basics in breathing,
intonation, blending registers and
strengthening range
• Develop Key Music skills such as sight
singing, pitch vibrato, harmony, rhythm,
phrasing, dynamics & sustaining notes
• Confidence
*All vocal classes are recorded, giving
you access to them anytime, anywhere

Here are some possible topics:

Singing Fundamentals:
Breathing & tone
Discovering your mixed voice
Pitch, rhythm, phrasing
Practice routines
Building confidence & affirmations
Audition & performance strategies
Singing Success Habits
Discover your whys + Setting Goals
Building confidence +Mindsets
Overcoming artist blocks
Build Positive mindset
Ironing out breaks & cracks
Developing your head voice
Healthy Belting
Sight Singing
Release tension
Vocal hygiene
Stage presence
Vocal style
Vocal inflections
Finding your voice
Discover your Vocal influences
Mastering songs

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