Transcription for $75

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Transcription for $75

Hello! My name is Pavel.
With this service I will make a note-by-note transcription of an audio file to a sheet music. The audio file could contain instrumental solo piece or an instrumental part from multi-instrument arrangement i.e. a guitar part, a saxophone part e.t.c.

One instrument part will cost you 75$
If you want me transcribe trio it will cost 200$.
2 minutes of solo will cost 75$(one additional minute+20$)

Here are some examples:

Guitar(solo & parts)!iL4yhaQK!ktMYn1CobQzGVXXCXHfwmQ


Sax, trumpet (solo & head)!yXxjEQbK!0uYIc-dSQ_W05rHhYv7Zrg

Lead sheet!WawS3KIS!JCTzYqiw00hVHpt3IJc5OQ

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